Ian (processedbelief) wrote,

College Update (for the people who don't talk to me but occasionally read my journal to check on me)

Just got back from a reception in Orlando.

Accepted at UCF for Spring 2006 term.
$18,000 scholarship (If I get National Merit Finalist, it's $44,000).
Priority registration, guaranteed housing, invitation to Burnett Honors college, free coffee mug (for morning shots of iced 151 at Keri's, assumably), and so many more damn perks.
These people seriously seem ready to move mountains, or whatever cliche you'd like, to get me at their school in January, and hell if I'm going to discourage them.
Majoring in Computer Science, and going directly to FIEA for my master's. Go ahead, ask me about FIEA, I can go on for hours.
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