Ian (processedbelief) wrote,

Convince me.

Someone, somewhere, convince me I'm wrong about something. I know it's possible; it's happened many times before. Please, I'm begging you, win a fucking argument with me. Catch me in a fallacy of logic, expose my underlying bias, leave me speechless. If you don't think you can, then can you make me think? That'll be fine, I can do the rest myself. Just do something. Hell, you get to pick the fucking topic!

"You see, I'm a philosopher, and I'm not going to argue very much, because if you don't argue with me, I don't know what I think. So if we argue, I say 'Thank you,' because owing to the courtesy of your taking a different point of view, I understand what I mean. So I can't get rid of you." - Alan Watts
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