Ian (processedbelief) wrote,

What the hell, am I getting old?

The first day of school is Monday. I'm pretty excited, for the first time in my life. Speaking of firsts, it actually seems like my life is going in a good direction finally. I'm on the verge of getting my motorcycle finally, I'm actually going to get to learn (mostly) on my own terms for 4+ years (on scholarship, no less), I'm taking even more responsibility for (and control of) my life, and in summer I'll be getting my apartment. I'm going to Skip Barber (professional racing school in open-wheel Formula Dodge race cars) for 3 days in California. I've got a daily driver/project car 240SX that will take me more time and money to complete than I'll have in the foreseeable future, which also makes me immensely happy. I'm almost fucking 18. I even realized the other day that I do want kids after all. The more I mature, the more my opinions change. I guess this means I'm going to have to change an old maxim of mine. I don't want to die young, I want to die young at heart. Or perhaps more succinctly, when I stop changing, I need to stop living.

That's all for now, I have court in 5 hours. Fucking pigs.
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